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Roric is what happens when a young rock n roller gets exposed to too much Bass frequency radiation and Laser synth exposure. Following the movement from acts like Ghostland Observatory, Pendulum, and The Glitch Mob; Roric is out to combine the energy and vibe of a rock and roll with the Bass, lights, and music of an EDM.

Know to Spin, Select, and Perform Glitch and Trip Hop, Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Electro, Disco, and House in a furiously elegant mix full of the rock and roll attitude. Going to another realm beyond the concept of DJing, Roric calls himself a Digital Conductor. Not only producing tracks but performing them in a multi-channel Ableton Live set breaking down and combining elements of his music and the work of many others to create something new entirely.

Altronic is a monthly Live mix featuring original tracks and music that combines elements of rock and electronic music.

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Altronic – June 2011 by Roric on Mixcloud